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We have a broad range of accessories including, Bags,
Wallets, cufflinks, shoes ....and much more!

Footwear by Timberland, Gant, Paolo Vandini, LACUZZO

Bags & Wash Bags by Gant and Simon Carter

Socks by Gant, Tommy Hilfiger, Hackett, Timberland & Falke

Underwear by Tommy Hilfiger and Gant

Belts by Robert Charles, LACUZZO and Ibex

Ties by Van Buck, Robert Charles & Sax

Cufflinks by Robert Charles, Taggs, Simon Carter, Duncan Walton

Specialist Dress Items by Taggs: Dress Studs, Collar Stays, Braces,   Tie Racks, Clothes Brushes & Handkerchiefs

Wallets by Gant, Simon Carter

Hats and Caps by Gant and Tommy Hilfiger

Dressing Gowns by Gant



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